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82 - Hospitality, Loneliness, & Inviting People In (feat. Leslie Verner)

Are we living in especially lonely times? What does ‘hospitality’ mean? How could extending invitations change the way we live? We’re joined by Leslie Verner, author of Invited: The Power of Hospitality in an Age of Loneliness to talk about all of this and more. In the intro, Robert and Holly talk about their own experiences with hospitality, their favorite ice cream flavors, and why hospitality has a special place in Robert’s family.

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79 - Hunger, Mental Health, & Working Together for Justice (feat. Jeremy Everett)

How does hunger impact mental health? How widespread is food insecurity across the United States? We’re joined by Jeremy Everett, founder of the Texas Hunger Initiative and author of the new book, I Was Hungry: Cultivating Common Ground to End an American Crisis. We obviously talk about hunger, but Jeremy also touches on why it’s so important to work together if we’re going to move past ‘charity’ and into working for justice.

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78 - Reimagining Missions from the Inside Out (feat. Ryan Kuja)

In the intro, Robert & Holly talk about the recent suicide deaths of pastor Jarrid Wilson & Gregory Eells. In the interview, we’re joined by Ryan Kuja to talk about the ways we should prepare better for missions. Ryan talks about thinking critically regarding our cultural lenses, our psychological needs, and our own stories. Ryan is the author of From the Inside Out: Reimagining Mission, Recreating the World.

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Welcome to Season 4.

We’re back! (not the dinosaur movie, although that’s one of Robert’s favorites).

We kick off Season 4 of CXMH with the two of us (Robert & Holly) talking about our time off, what we learned about rest, and looking ahead at what’s to come.

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75 - Children's Mental Health (feat. Dr. Stephen Grcevich)

The first week of May is Children’s Mental Health Week, and to celebrate we’ve got the second part of our conversation with Dr. Stephen Grcevich! We cover a lot of ground including things to look for in children, the medicating of kids (are we overdoing it?), the rising rates of anxiety & ADHD in children, and helping our kids be resilient. In the intro, Robert & Holly talk about Burger King’s recent campaign “for” Mental Health Awareness Month.

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74 - How Do We Make Our Churches Inclusive for Mental Health? (feat. Dr. Stephen Grcevich)

In this episode, we’re joined by Dr. Stephen Grcevich (founder of Key Ministry and author of Mental Health and the Church) to talk about how we can make our churches & ministries more inclusive to those encountering mental health struggles and their families. Dr. Grcevich talks about the 7 barriers identified in his book and what we can do about them. (Next week, he comes back to talk about children’s mental health, so make sure you come back too!) In the intro, Holly and Robert discuss several birthdays and how to balance focusing on too many things at once.

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72 - Mentoring, Leading, & Empowering Others

Do you lead others in some capacity? (Hint: the answer is yes). This week, Holly and Robert talk about mentoring both formal and informal, the way we can lead others through our actions, and why empowering those coming behind us is important. We also touch on some important ideas like being aware of the social conditioning we’re experiencing and how to change those narratives.

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70 - Teens, Anxiety, & Self-Esteem (feat. Lisa Schab)

We’ve all seen the headlines in the past few years: adolescents seem to be wrestling with more anxiety than ever before. In this episode, we’re joined by Lisa Schab, LCSW who has written tons of mental health workbooks for teens. We talk about why the anxiety rates might be rising, the difference between stress & anxiety, what some practical skills are for individuals, and how adults can help in teens’ lives.

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69 - A Personal Journey into Social Work (feat. Kelsey Moffatt)

It only took a year, but the timing has worked out to air the last of the guest hosted episodes from last Spring! In this episode, Holly talks with Kelsey Moffatt, who (at the time) was a social work student getting ready to graduate. They talk about Kelsey’s story, why she thinks integrating faith into therapy is so important, being real with God in hard times, and more.

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68 - Faith & Doubt

It’s just us, folks. Robert and Holly got together in Atlanta to record this episode in person (the first CXMH episode ever recorded without Skype!). We talk about faith, why we think doubt is a good thing, and what it often looks like to move through our faith lives. We share our own faith journeys, as well as digging into some proposed Stages of Faith progressions.

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67 - Bullying (feat. Danielle Matthew)

Bullying: it seems like something we’re always hearing about, but never getting into the details of. Danielle Matthew, LMFT stops by to talk to us all about it: what are the different types of bullying? How do people experience bullying across their lifespan? How do we support victims of bullying, empower bystanders, and healthily address the bullies themselves? We touch on all of this and more.

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66 - Recovery Ministry (feat. Storey Cook)

This week, we’re airing an interview Holly recorded back when Robert was on podternity leave (flashback!). She talks with Storey Cook, director of Reclaim Recovery Ministry at Harris Creek in Waco. They talk about recovery ministries, how 12 step programs fit into a faith context, and the importance that doing your own work plays in helping others.

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