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67 - Bullying (feat. Danielle Matthew)

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Bullying: it seems like something we’re always hearing about, but never getting into the details of. Danielle Matthew, LMFT stops by to talk to us all about it: what are the different types of bullying? How do people experience bullying across their lifespan? How do we support victims of bullying, empower bystanders, and healthily address the bullies themselves? We touch on all of this and more.

Things we mention in this episode/other resources:

- After we stopped recording, Danielle recommended books by Annie Fox to Holly for proactively talking to her kids about bullying
- Solution Team is a program offered by NoBully
- If you want to learn more about the link between bullying and suicide that we touch on briefly, here’s some helpful info from the CDC

Connect with Danielle on Twitter, on Facebook, visit her website to learn more about The Empowerment Space, or buy The Empowered Child on Amazon. You can also get more information by calling 818-267-4282 or by emailing


- “Bullying is when someone has power over someone else repeatedly.”
- “It’s really important to give the child or adolescent an opportunity to tell you how they’re feeling.”
- “Give them their voice back as much as possible.”
- “Give the bully a positive role.”
- “You don’t have to feel hopeless about bullying. There is hope out there.”

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