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32 - Trauma, Attachment, & Creating Safety (feat. Aundi Kolber)

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This week, I talk with Aundi Kolber, a trauma-informed therapist and writer. We talk about mental health work as social justice, various types of trauma, attachment, and the importance of creating safety in our communities.

- "God didn't make me to experience abuse." (tweet
- "Have the courage to do your own work. You can't take people where you haven't been." (tweet
- "One of the most healing parts of my own recovery was experiencing God in a safe way." (tweet
- "Sometimes, because we don't know better, we can perpetuate harm because we're not in touch with our own wounds." (tweet
- "When we have a home where we are shamed for our feelings and our experience, we grow up thinking there's only one acceptable type of experience." (tweet
- "The less tools you have for hard things, the more it will effect you when you go through any type of hard thing...When we have good support and when we have tools, we begin to say 'you know what, I can do this hard thing.'" (tweet
- "Shame is such a huge part of what keeps people stuck in their trauma." (tweet
- "You cannot have safety where there is shame." (tweet
- "Emotions are not bad or good. They are there to tell us something is happening." (tweet
- "God made us as emotional beings. We cannot cut those parts off of ourselves without there being significant ramifications." (tweet

Other things we mention:
- The Body Keeps The Score by Bessel van der Kolk
- Aundi's article '3 Ways to Support Someone Recovering from Trauma'
- CXMH episode with Marc Alan Schelske: Emotions Aren't Evil

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