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52 - Online Advocacy, Self-Care, & Beauty (feat. Dr. Meredith Gould)

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In this jam-packed episode, we talk with Dr. Meredith Gould about being an activist online, balancing that with self-care, and topics like art & beauty. Dr. Gould is a sociologist, activist, artist, and tons more. In the intro, Robert & Holly talk about why last week’s episode was late and share what’s been happening in their lives.

For more info about the Suicide Prevention Training on November 14th, click here!

Things we mention in this episode/other resources:
- Brian Zahnd’s book Beauty Will Save the World: Rediscovering the Allure and Mystery of Christianity
- Andrew Greeley’s book The Catholic Imagination
- CXMH episode featuring Jason Chesnut: 18 - Depression & Dementors
- Rabbi Ruth Adar/Coffeeshop Rabbi (and her post about Shalom)
- We mention two Twitter chats: #InterfaithChat and #SlateSpeak
- Meredith mentions ‘redlining.’ To learn more about that, here’s a good video.
- Meredith’s online presentation: ‘Digital Activism 101: A Guide to Showing Up, Speaking Out, and Connecting on Twitter and Facebook

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- “Teaching happens everywhere. Learning happens everywhere.” (tweet)
- “What I believe we all need more of is beauty.” (tweet)
- “The hardest thing you will ever have to do as a writer is unhook yourself from the necessity of getting approval from readers.” (tweet)
- “The creativity process so often needs to be creativity for the sake of creativity.” (tweet)
- “Anxiety and excitement feel the same way in the body.” (tweet)
- “Whatever you do face-to-face happens online, only faster.” (tweet)

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Intro/Outro music for this episode is ‘Fall Down’ by Rivers & Robots.