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Recast - [Men]tal Health (feat. Nate Pyle & Dr. Bart Andrews)

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June is Men's Health Month, so this week I'm rebroadcasting an episode we did about exactly that! Dr. Bart Andrews & pastor/author Nate Pyle join us to talk about all things related to men's mental health. Check out more info below, along with original show notes!

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- "Jesus did not come to make men more masculine, but in fact came to make all people more human." (tweet)
- "Women are more likely to report experiencing distress than men. That doesn't mean men are experiencing less distress." (tweet)
- "The number of men who die of suicide is 3-4 times the number of women who die of suicide." (tweet)
- "The bulk of suicide deaths that occur in our country are occurring in men, particularly men over 35, especially white men." (tweet)
- "It's a myth that men communicate less than women. Men & women communicate the same amount, but we communicate differently." (tweet)
- "Women are much more likely to formally reach out for assistance than men are, particularly for mental health services." (tweet)
- "If you look at our suicide rate, I would suggest that depression (and certainly unhappiness, stress, & emotional pain) is at a crisis point in our country, particularly among men." (tweet)
- "When I was in a really bad spot, seeing reaching out & getting help as a weakness almost killed me." (tweet)
- "I don't think there's anything inherently masculine about not reaching out & getting help." (tweet)
- "Not showing weakness is a trait that we expect from our men, both in American culture and in American church culture in particular." (tweet)
- "To make it ok to ask for people to ask for help, no matter what circumstances they're facing, is something that would benefit everybody around us." (tweet)
- "We have made this artificial distinction between mental and physical, when they're the same exact thing. Suicide & depression are healthcare issues." (tweet)
- "Healthcare should include mind, body, & spirit. These are all important aspects of wellness." (tweet)
- "The whole range of human emotions is represented in Christian scripture." (tweet)

Let's talk about MEN! We're joined this week by two great guests who talk about masculinity, why men don't like asking for help, how our culture (& church culture) shapes that, and more!

Nate Pyle is a pastor, write, and author of Man Enough: How Jesus Redefines Manhood.

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