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43 - Being Here, Building Community, & The Bachelor (feat. Hannah Brencher)

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Happy Memorial Day! (go to counseling.) This week, Robert's back as your host to talk with Hannah Brencher, who you might remember from episode 14. Hannah talks about her latest book, the power of being here in a 'getting there' world, and how much her community mattered when she went through a hard season of depression. We also talk about old boyfriends, the Bachelor, and Hannah's process of finding community when she moved to Atlanta.

Things we mention in this episode/other resources:
- Hear more from Hannah in episode 14 - God Works Through People and her P.S. episode, '13 Thoughts on Mental Health.'

Connect with Hannah on her websiteTwitter, FacebookInstagram, Pinterest, or watch her Ted talk here. Buy Come Matter Here: Your Invitation to Be Here in a Getting There World on Amazon.

- “I found in my own life, I was always trying to get ‘there’ to prove to people that I mattered.” (tweet)
- “I thought in some way that [accomplishments] might fill or make me feel like this growing hole inside of me was finally filled, and it never happened.” (tweet)
- “I woke up and realized: these things that I was pushing for, this isn’t the goal.” (tweet)
- “As long as I am willing to be there and be present in the moment, God always shows up.” (tweet)
- “You almost don’t know to build strong support systems until something comes crashing down and you need people.” (tweet)
- “You may get the chance, in your life, to walk with somebody through something really tough and it’ll change you.” (tweet)
- “You have to make that choice of ‘am I gonna plant roots, am I gonna really be here? Or am I going to be consistently running away?’” (tweet)
- “The beauty is in the long haul, but in our world no one is talking about the long haul.” (tweet)
- “We could all sit around and complain ‘no one’s inviting me to things,’ but maybe in those times we have to learn to be the invitation.” (tweet)
- “People bring so much to the table, but we have to do our job of showing up when we say we’re gonna show up.” (tweet)
- “The things we don’t deal with will eventually come back and we will have to deal with them.” (tweet)
- “If things are hard right now, it’s not a sign that God has abandoned you.” (tweet)
- “People can’t help you if they don’t know that you're lost or broken or hurting.” (tweet)

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