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36 - Dropping the Mask (feat. Carlos Rodríguez)

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This week, I talk with Carlos Rodríguez. Carlos is an author, non-profit activist, former pastor, and founder of Happy Sonship. We talk about hiding behind masks, using theology to avoid working on ourselves, and Carlos shares his story of finding a more authentic faith.

Connect with Carlos on, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram. Support Happy Sonship's non-profit work through the Happy Givers store. Buy Carlos's books on Amazon - Drop The Stones: When Love Reaches the Unlovable and Simply Sonship: A Discovery of Sonship. Listen to the Drop The Stones podcast on iTunes.

- “As a preacher, I was used to only sharing weakness 20 years later when I’d overcome it, not when it was happening.” (tweet)
- “Let my life be a prepared sermon.” (tweet)
- “I found Jesus in the prisons. I found Jesus in Puerto Rico 3 weeks after the hurricane.” (tweet)
- “I’ve rediscovered the beauty of our faith just sitting with somebody.” (tweet)
- “I was vulnerable enough for people to know there were some issues, but not enough for people to say ‘he needs help.’” (tweet)
- “My anger turned into repentance, the repentance turned into hope.” (tweet)
- “I just know, without a shadow of a doubt: if more people in my church, if more people in churches in America, if more people even outside of the church were willing to see a professional…things would be so much better.” (tweet)
- “The fact that you need help I think is an extremely Godly thing.” (tweet)
- “God is not attracted to good theology, God is attracted to humility.” (tweet)
- “Some people can judge you with Bible verses, but that doesn’t mean they’re judging you biblically.” (tweet)
- “Stop looking for permission and go get help.” (tweet)

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