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Farewell, 2017.

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It's the time of year to pause and reflect, so we take some time to think back on the show so far and what we've done in 2017. Also, Steve makes a big announcement.

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A huge thanks to the following people who made the first year of CXMH possible:

Our wives and families, Scott McConnell, Sarah Fader, Sarah Schuster, Aaron J. Smith, Mike McHargue, Jason Micheli, William Paul Young, Gabe Howard, Nate Crawford, Dr. Heather Vacek, Nate Pyle, Dr. Bart Andrews, Jon Scott, Kristen Kansiewicz, L.J. Vanier, Sarah Robinson, Rev. Liz Edman, Stephanie Gates, Dan from Canada, Grace Sandra, J.J. Landis, Jeremy Sims, Act of Congress, Dr. Janis Whitlock, Stephen Mansfield, Hannah Brencher, Dr. Jonathan Singer, Dr. Sherry Molock, Rev. Ed Bacon, John Pavlovitz, Dr. Elizabeth Horn, Jason Chesnut, Kay Warren, Zach Hoag, Marc Alan Schelske, Kaitlin Curtice, Dr. Stacey Freedenthal, Dr. Amber Thornton, CloZee, Rivers and Robots, Seth Baker, Chris Guar, Jenna Rose Jack, Caroline North, Christy Vanhoozer, Rudy Caseres, Lindsay Hicks, Barry Pearman, Noel Young, Brad Wofford, Sarah McLachlan, Callan Sims, Justin who lent Robert the earphones that one time, anyone who gave us podcasting advice, the folks who rate & review us on iTunes, Carter Carroll, Kevin Garcia, James Vore, Andre Henry, so many more people, and you: the listeners.

Coming in 2018: Amy Simpson, Brittney Moses, Dr. Holly Oxhandler, Dr. David Susman, Scott Sauls, Dr. Margaret Rutherford, and plenty more! Make sure to subscribe and come back to listen!

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