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Liturgy of the Forsaken: Good Friday 2017

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Content Warning: In this episode, we talk about suicide, self-harm, and abortion.

In this special Good Friday episode of CXMH, we stand in the tension of the days between crucifixion and resurrection, recognizing the parts of our stories that have yet to resolve. Rather than having a normal conversation, we invited our friends to share their struggles, their pain, and their doubts in their own words.

-Let The Darkness Shape You by L.J. Vanier (read by Steve Austin)
-We Don't Talk About This On Good Friday by Sarah Simmons
-Trusting Through the Suck by Steve Austin
-Pierced By a Song by Rev. Liz Edman
-When Jesus Comes Into Our Great Sadness by William Paul Young
-The Work of the People by Stephanie Gates
-Stigma by Dan from Canada
-A Litany for Survival by Audre Lorde (read by Grace Sandra)
-Take and Eat by J.J. Landis
-Finding God in the Tension by Robert Vore

Music used:
-'Waiting' by Jeremy Sims
-'Love Comes for Free' by Act of Congress

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Sarah Simmons is a writer, learner and creative mess. She’s been an accidental youth pastor, and helped run a mentoring program for church leaders. She’s in love with redemption, pancakes and fish tacos. (Website) (Twitter)

Abuse, addiction, and a suicide attempt weren’t the end of Steve Austin’s story. Steve is co-host of the CXMH podcast. (Website) (Twitter)

Liz Edman is an Episcopal priest, a political strategist, and the author of Queer Virtue: What LGBTQ People Know About Life and Love and How It Can Revitalize Christianity. This year, she created and co-organized Glitter+Ash Wednesday, a project to increase the visibility of progressive, queer-positive Christians. She lives in New York City with her two awesome sons.   (Website) (Facebook) (Twitter)

Paul Young is author of The Shack, Crossroads, Eve, and Lies We Believe about God. (Website) (Twitter)

Stephanie Gates writes, edits, and raises a bunch of kids in Denver, Colorado. (Website)

Grace Sandra is a social & racial justice advocate, wife, mama and a writer of blogs & books. (Website) (Twitter)

JJ Landis is the author of Some Things You Keep: Letting go. Holding on. Growing up., a memoir about growing up after the suicide of her mother. She writes about parenting, marriage, and getting through the day. (Website) (Twitter)

Robert Vore is a writer, speaker, and Suicide Prevention instructor. (Website) (Facebook) (Twitter)

Jeremy Sims - 'Waiting' (Website) (Blog)

Act of Congress - 'Love Comes for Free' (Website)