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7 - Where We've Been (feat. Dr. Heather Vacek)

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We're very confused about what day it is during the intro to this episode, which kind of works, because we do a bit of time-traveling this week. Back in episode 1, we looked at the church's current view towards mental illness. But where did those views come from? What historical influences shaped those? Dr. Heather Vacek stops by to help us understand how we got here through discussing her new book, Madness: American Protestant Responses to Mental Illness.

Dr. Vacek is the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, as well as being an Associate Professor of Church History and is ordained through the Moravian Church in North America.

Connect with Dr. Vacek on Twitter, or buy Madness: American Protestant Responses to Mental Illness.

Intro/outro music on this episode is Hidden Personality by CloZee.

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