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23 - Mental Illness & Violence (feat. Gabe Howard)

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Here are some recent quotes that made us frown:
"This is a mental health problem." - Donald Trump on mass shootings
"...almost every one has had some nexus to antidepressants." - Pat Robertson on mass shootings

This week, we're joined by Gabe Howard (who you might remember from episode 6 on Bipolar Disorder) to discuss the link between violence and mental illness, if there is one, and how we can react well when people make comments like the ones above.

To read more about mental health advocates' response to Pat Robertson's comments, click here.

Gabe Howard is host of the Psych Central Show, as well as being an award-winning writer, mental health activist, and sought-after speaker and educator.  Connect with Gabe on Twitter, Facebook, on his website, and listen to the PsychCentral podcast.

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The article Robert references throughout this episode is:
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