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2 - Storytime (feat. Sarah Fader & Sarah Schuster)

This week: Steve Austin accepts the role of co-host! We're also joined by Sarah Fader (founder and CEO of Stigma Fighters) and Sarah Schuster (editor of Mental Health on The Mighty) to talk about sharing your story and how that helps you and others, especially in the context of mental illness.


Content warnings: in this episode we spend some time talking about suicidal ideation and there's brief mention of an article about being raped.

Links (Stuff We Talked About):
-When You're In The Grey Area of Being Suicidal by Taylor Jones
- Stephanie Gates: A Wide Mercy
- Once Upon A Time I Was Raped on Stigma Fighters

References (Research We Talked About):
-Marino, C., Child, B., & Krasinski, V. C. (2016). Sharing Experience Learned Firsthand (SELF): Self-Disclosure of Lived Experience in Mental Health Services and Supports. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal, 39(2), 154-160.
-Pennebaker, J. W., & Seagal, J. D. (1999). Forming a Story: The Health Benefits of Narrative. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 55(10), 1243-1254.

Intro/outro music on this episode is Hidden Personality by CloZee.

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